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Landscape Design

Designing a gorgeous landscape takes effort and planning. Yardcore can help you find the design that works for you, capturing your preferences and expressing your personality through greenspace. We can help you craft an outdoor space that suits your preferences.

New Subdivision Fence Project

Move into a new subdivision and need fence for your backyard? Yardcore is your new home subdivision fencing experts! Yardcore will arrange an information meeting with you and your neighbors. During the meeting, we will answer any questions or concerns your may have.

Fence and Deck Installation

Contact Yardcore if you notice splintering wood, water damage, or other issues with your deck or fence. We can fix up your outdoor living space in no time at all. We repair damaged deck boards, install new railings, replace damaged posts and boards, and much more! If there are structural issues impacting your deck or fence, you can count on us to take care of them.

Interlocking Paving

Staining and sealing service either protect your new deck or refresh a new look for your old deck. Since your deck is exposed to the elements, you will likely need to re-stain and seal your deck every three to four years. Staining can quickly and easily improve the appearance of your deck and give new life to your outdoor entertainment area.

Landscape Design

"Good planting design does not follow a formula. At best, it allows you to experiment with nature and through nature to make an original statement. As in all of the arts, the best garden designers take risks. Only by taking risks can you come up with something exciting and original." - James Van Sweden

Customer Reviews

The workers handled the fence installation very well. In my opinion, they can always deal with things at work flexibly and quickly, and make timely solutions when encountering some problems.
Bilal Conley
Markham Home Owner
There was no perfunctory work, the entire installation of the fence was carried out in the high standard of the staff. I communicated with them very smoothly, and they also seriously considered and accepted my suggestions and requirements.
Sarah Brown
Aurora Home Owner
I am very grateful to the workers who completely designed the feeling I want, very carefully and meticulously to every corner of the space. When I saw the renderings, I was very satisfied. I would like to have my deck made by them, and I am particularly satisfied with their service.
Jesse Dale
Oakville Home Owner

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A real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next landscaping design. We provide a professional service for private and commercial customers.